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“I envisioned about Wolf, not about Kevin Janssens.” Julie Van lair Steen (28) made it clear on Qmusic that she really likes the 41-year-old entertainer. Those reports emerged after she fostered a unique interest for the man in Wolf’s outfit as a detective in ‘The Masked Singer’. So Kevin Janssens.

Julie called Kevin during Vincent Fierens’ night block at Qmusic. She raised the bits of gossip about a sentiment between them. “It is obviously not boundless that you have become hopelessly enamored with Wolf”, Janssens kidded. “I feel exceptionally complimented.”

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In spite of the fact that Julie promptly stifled the bits of hearsay. “I don’t fall head over heels that effectively,” she admitted. “The facts confirm that I envisioned about Wolf, yet not about Kevin Janssens. Allow me to make that understood. I envisioned about that too in light of the fact that it helped me to remember my canine. It’s not on the grounds that Flanders is all enamored with Kevin that I am as well.”

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