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Where to purchase Air Jordan 36 Taco Jay shoes? Delivery date, cost and more subtleties investigated

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While NBA player Jayson Tatum is centered around his Finals matchup with the Golden State Warriors, a new “Taco Jay” colorway of Air Jordan 36 from his Jordan Brand assortment is by all accounts on the way. The shade of the impending pair is a sign of approval for the player’s affection for Tacos.

The Air Jordan 36 “Taco Jay” shoes will drop on Friday, June 17, 2022, at 10.00 am EST. Tatum fans who are hoping to purchase these energetic Air Jordans can without much of a stretch bring them by means of Nike’s web-based store as well as subsidiary dealers. These lively yellow matches will be sold for $195 per pair.

Air Jordan 36 Taco Jay colorway is committed to Jayson Tatum

The Celtics’ headliner had recently revealed that his brand name tennis shoe was underway, affirming that he will keep on adding his style to the recently evolved Jordan Brand models like Air Jordan 34 and Air Jordan 35.

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In 2022, he consolidated his “Taco Jay” love with Air Jordan 36, which was prior seen on Air Jordan 34 PE, which was sent off in 2020.

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