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No. 14 Texas pulls off 6-5 rebound win against No. 6 Oklahoma State
Down 5-0, the Longhorns got over the mountain to turn into the principal unseeded group to make the WCWS Finals.

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Without precedent for Women’s College World Series history, an unseeded group will play for the public title as the No. 14 Texas Longhorns dominated a 6th end match in the NCAA Tournament, pulling off an improbable rebound from a 5-0 shortfall in a 6-5 win over the Oklahoma State Cowgirls on Monday night in Oklahoma City.

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Confronting its 6th disposal round of the postseason, Texas didn’t answer well in that frame of mind of the primary inning. Back in the circle, left-hander Estelle Czech permitted a leadoff single, the sprinter took a respectable halfway point and progressed to third when shortstop Alyssa Washington couldn’t handle the toss from catcher Mary Iakopo, an error intensified by second baseman Janae Jefferson not sponsorship up the toss, and scored when Washington went with a late choice to toss home on a ground ball that was not in time.

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