Virginia Men’s Tennis 2022 National Champs Trending Shirt

No. 7 Virginia men’s tennis (25-5) will take on No. 2 Florida (26-2) in the quarterfinals on Thursday, May nineteenth at 8pm at the Khan Outdoor Tennis Complex in Champaign, Illinois.

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The Cavaliers, who won the ACC customary season and Tournament titles this season, enter the NCAA quarterfinals on a 20-match series of wins, yet their last misfortune came against Florida in the reassurance match of the ITA National Team Indoor Championships back on February nineteenth.

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The Gators have won 21 matches straight tracing all the way back to ITA Indoors, including eight triumphs against top ten rivals this season, and stay the defending champs in the wake of coming out on top for their very first public title in 2021 in Orlando.

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