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“We Boutta Have a Poole Party Tonight”: Warriors Fans Predicted Jordan Poole Balling Out versus Celtics After He Displayed Stephen Curry-Esque Moves in Practice

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The Golden State Warriors came areas of strength for in Game 2 of the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics. After an unpleasant beginning of the series in Game 1, the Dubs returned in Game 2. Fans love watching pre-game warmups and rehearses.

Folks like Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and D-Book have the absolute most engaging pre-game schedules.

However out of the multitude of players in the association, Curry has some crazy warmup mixtapes. It sounds strange, yet his bazaar shots in warmup are much of the time more engaging than his profound threes in games.

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More youthful competitors attempt and mimic Steph, shooting from the half-court or making high arcing threes. In the interim, Jordan Poole added something almost identical to his pre-game practice before Game 2.

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