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The Civil Beat Editorial Board Interview: Hawaii Land Board Chair Suzanne Case
The Department of Land and Natural Resources pioneer discusses the executives of Mauna Kea, keeping up support of parks and trails, creating in stream guidelines and significantly more.,q_90,ofmt_webp/s4/l_p:3108552:25d5a439e09e5284/fl_cutter,fl_layer_apply/u_p:3108552:8b7d69718df0e096/co_rgb:181818,e_colorize:100/fl_layer_apply/l_p:3108552:29484a_sh/fl_layer_apply/u_p:3108552:6c4eeda50edcc771/fl_layer_apply/c_thumb,w_1280/f_jpg/v1/p/25565538/6d97f7e8f755a69d13367ef66b3dba76

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Manager’s note: The Civil Beat Editorial Board and columnists talked on Wednesday with Suzanne Case, seat of the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources. Case started with a rundown of top-of-mind issues before the organizations. This interview has been altered for length and lucidity.

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I’m coming up on the finish of my subsequent term and pondering all that we’ve had the option to achieve, what I’m actually needing to ensure that I finish before the finish of December. Furthermore, truly, it’s been a surprising an open door. I have had the option to serve two terms with Gov. David Ige and I’m really the only one with the exception of Sus Ono during the 1970s that has served for two terms.

It is a surprising an open door and it’s an extremely, difficult work. Furthermore, I love it, however you truly need to be clear about the thing you’re attempting to achieve in light of the fact that you simply have a restricted measure of time.

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