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POLITICO Playbook PM: Biden goes in on ‘ultra-MAGA’ Republicans

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President JOE BIDEN talked at the White House earlier today about expansion, referring to it his as “top homegrown need,” with an end goal to pass his organization’s responsibility on to the issue as it proceeds to seethe and takes steps to crash Dems in the midterms not long from now.

— ON INFLATION: “I realize you must be disappointed,” Biden said. “Disappointed by excessive costs, by gridlock in Congress, when it takes to finish anything.”

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Biden said his organization is doing whatever it takes to control expansion, and deplored Congress’ absence of progress in authorizing his plan. “You reasonably are correct, we control every one of the three parts of government. We don’t actually,” Biden said. “I have been pushing the things I have been proposing here and you heard me address since I got in office. I want to get 60 votes to pass them.”

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